ProductStory℠ are product videos that show off your product being used "in the real world". They help your customers better understand what you sell and how your product will look and feel once it arrives.

How it works:

  • Send us your product or give us a coupon code to get it from Amazon or your store.
  • When the product arrives, we will shoot beautiful shots of your product being used in a natural setting to show how it works.
  • The focus of the video is on revealing the product to new buyers.
  • We edit the video and include music, captions, titles, and your branding.
  • We create multiple lengths of your video that can be posted to Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.


  • Show your new product to customers and let them see it “in the real world”
  • Create a teaser to excite your audience about the release of new products
  • Sell more products during your launch by using the power of video to connect with buyers
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