Daneen Akers

There are some (like her husband) that believe that Daneen may have super powers. Somehow she is able to not only care deeply for whole communities of people and work tirelessly to advocate for them, but she also is able to simultaneously raise two adorable daughters while trying to make the world a better place for all of us. She embodies all the attributes of the greatest of heroines and yet also responds personally to all her emails. Take that Wonder Woman.


Stephen Eyer

When Stephen talks about documentary filmmaking, he gets that sort of glint in his eye that only happens when people feel truly alive and in their wheelhouse. He has a veracious curiosity and can be found reading filmmaking or entrepreneurship content late into the night in an effort to both master his craft and make it work as efficiently as possible. He loves finding and capturing (when he has a camera in hand) those secret, authentic moments that happen when people are in their element. He also loves being a dad and doing what he calls "carpe kid" (seize the kid) so that moments don't slip by unnoticed.