CustomerStory℠ are video testimonials that let your true fans share their experience of your product with others. They are effective because they capture the natural enthusiasm and excitement of your existing customers and are filmed on location in a natural, genuine way. These videos are the best way to show “social proof” and drive sales.

How it works:

  • Send us your product or give us a coupon code to get it from Amazon or your store.
  • Give us the name of some repeat customers or fans of your brand in the Southern California (Los Angeles/San Diego) area.
  • We contact them, pick one to film, and setup a video shoot.
  • We travel to their location and capture their video testimonial in a natural location like their home or place of business to make it authentic and real.
  • We edit the video and include music, captions, titles, and your branding.
  • We create multiple lengths of your video that can be posted to Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.


  • Introduce your products to new customers in a natural way
  • Build “social proof” by showing real customers who have already made purchases
  • Sell more products to new customers by using the power of video to connect with potential buyers
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