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A Manifesto

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A Manifesto

We are here for only a brief moment. While there are promises of more, what we know for sure is that our time here is limited. In those quiet moments of reflection, when we take a moment to notice our breath and be present, the questions linger — Why am I here? What is this all about? And what do I do in the mean time?

The name Watchfire Films comes from a poem by James Masefield called “The Seekers”. It’s a poem about seeking something that looms just beyond the horizon, a city maybe where things are better. It’s about the moments we share as we journey life together. The “watch-fire” is the night time fire that’s set to provide warmth and light. It acts as a center point to fellow travelers. It’s the perfect kind of fire for late night discussions about what matters most.

We see the films we make at Watchfire as representative of the kinds of stories you might share in those quiet moments. They are deeply authentic, powerful, life-changing, and impactful. They come from a place of deep longing for community, justice, peace, and prosperity. They are stories for seekers.

A beautiful irony is that the human experience is both universal and personal. We share so much in common and yet no one is exactly the same. We long for many of the same things, but no of us longs for exactly the same thing. It’s what makes the human experience so fascinating, complex, and fun.

Watchfire is about capturing those stories and moments of unfettered humanity. We are not about bells and whistles (who wants to travel with those anyway?), but about core human connection, compassion, and empathy. We don’t create aimless warm fuzzies, but experiences of deep human connection.

The process is hard to describe, but goes something like this:

Truth illuminates through the eyes of the subject (they truly are windows to the soul) and pierces through the lens eventually making its way to the viewer on the other side of the wall. It’s somewhat intangible to explain, but you know it when it happens. It’s a mixture of magic and meaning.

The power of these connections is that they are lasting. They are not throw away or disposable moments. They stick deep in the psyche and connect themselves permanently to the viewer. A synapse is triggered never to be the same.

When this happens lives are changed, sometimes forever. There is no other option because the viewer sees the world differently than they did before. They can no longer ignore what might have been glossed over, passed by, or worse stereotyped. The general is now personal and matters in a way that it didn’t before. Something happened.

Transformation is addictive so the impact reaches far and wide. Maybe it’s slow at first, but it picks up momentum. Soon others join in and communities are strengthened, movements are created, and nothing becomes something. One hand grasps another and what was once a solo journey becomes a united effort.

Then the dawn lights up the morning sky. We breath. And travel forward together hand-in-hand.

Yes, it is brief, but we are not alone.

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